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Probably done ever posting again. I really just can't get into posting anymore.
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Legacy info:
General: Generations start when the heir is a young adult, because it's...uh...pointlessly confusing to do otherwise. Everything is generally a joke, and everything is captioned on posting, not during play.
Sims 3: I didn't follow any legacy rules, and just did whatever came to mind. Mostly my updates were meant to be a source of entertainment, and hopefully a good laugh.

Sims 4: I'll be keeping the "trying to be a source of entertainment" part, but I'm going to (kind of) follow rules this time. No cheats but testingcheats and anything non-genetically aesthetic. (Oh god)

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White Cuppy

Hiatus/Excuse Post

Hiatus post
I'm slacking on posting again.

It's because of multiple things.

There's so many things to do on FFXIV. I've played for almost a year now, and I haven't really achieved anything, and it's $15 a month going to waste.
So that's taking up most of my time, and it makes me feel guilty when I play TS4 because I feel like I'm wasting money.

But it's also...I just don't have the creativity to post, or even the drive to play, really. FFXIV is easy to play without thinking much, or focusing completely on strategy. Playing TS4 is...constantly thinking of things to post that would be funny. And it's hard to do while depressed and stressed.

My life is one big ball of stress right now, what with neither my boyfriend nor me having a job, little food, a constantly boiling hot room...It's a really hard adjustment for me to make, and it makes me feel like an entitled baby going from a stable $4k a month income to barely scraping by.

It's just really hard to post anything right now. I look at pictures and try to caption them and...nothing. And I'm not going to be one of those people who just posts what's happening in the legacy, because that's boring, and I don't see why anyone would read that. Despite the fact that that's 80% of legacy posts I see.

I hope I'll be able to post again soon, but...It's really hard right now.
So I'm calling a (hopefully very temporary) hiatus.
White Cuppy

NightmareCandle's Sims 4 Thoughts


It's been almost two weeks since release. I didn't want to be one of those people who played the game for an hour, then shared my thoughts on it, because...Honestly, I hated it the first couple days. It was confusing and felt empty until I actually got into it.

But now that I have gotten into it, it's the funnest one I've played so far. It's somewhat empty, of course, but what basegame isn't? It's been nearly two weeks and I'm not bored yet. That's a first for a basegame. Though TS2 doesn't count for me...I was like 9 when I played just the basegame. ^-^'

I've compiled a list of pros and cons that I've added to while playing the Cloxes or building. If anyone's still on the fence about getting it, I hope this list sheds some light on the game.

I think the pros outweight the cons, for me personally...but I would never have paid $60-70 dollars for the game. I got it for $45 on Mexican Origin (digital deluxe, too!) and I feel that price was perfect.

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White Cuppy

The Sims 4

I can't play my legacy yet in TS4 because apparently headline effects won't turn off the plumbobs. And I refuse to have amateur pictures.
So meet Macy, who I've been getting a feel for the game on.
This post isn't funny, it's more of a TS4 impressions sort of thing.
Kind of hard to figure out when you're trying NOT to do anything interesting, though.
It's a basegame and I know it's going to get boring fast, so I want to save the interesting stuff for the legacy.
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