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The Clox Legacy - A Sims 3 Summary - The Unicorn Dimension [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The Clox Legacy - A Sims 3 Summary [Aug. 31st, 2014|02:09 pm]
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With Sims 4's launch right around the corner, I thought I'd make a post with the family tree and legacy information in case anyone decides to start reading at TS4, or just wants to know what's what in the Clox legacy without having to read the entire thing.
I didn't obsess over the lines being perfect and it's completely obvious. q.q

I started the Clox legacy in July of 2012. I've obviously been slacking, but at least I've gotten to include and experience all the expansion content for the game. :3

It all started with Kaisa. She never got married, but she had two kids, Ru and Jin, with a couple Chinese men she met on her trips to China. She also made a clone of herself, Aoki, just in case Ru and Jin turned out horrifying.

Ru was granted heirdom because he was pretty damn hot. He married a pretty fairy named Clare and they had five kids: Mercury (Not pictured in family tree because I just remembered she existed and don't feel like re-editing it), Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.
There was supposed to be nine, but babies are annoying af.

Next up for heir was Jupiter. She married a weirdo named Dewberry, went to university, and had three kids: Lilo, Jumba, and Stitch.

Jumba waltzed his way into everyone's hearts with his gentlemanly conduct and cutie-pie face. He spent a couple updates on a "dating show" where he met Mist Esque and Cristal Shytree. Cristal tango'd her way into his heart, they got married, and had one kid: Scarlytt. Jumba had some...fun...with another overly-proper babe (Luria) and had triplets: Amelie, Rosalyn, and Nicolas.


Up for heirdom were Amelie...and Scarlytt. They were both too gorgeous not to keep around. Scarlytt was a robot lover, and had her mother build her her very own: Iona. She eventually fell in love with Iona and lived happily ever after with her. Amelie was a witch who preferred to keep to herself and study, lest she be bombarded with modern technology and other horrible things.
Amelie and Scarlytt somehow got on an alien's bad (experimental?) side...and both had alien kiddies. Amelie had Lyra, Vela, & Mensa. Scarlytt had Pyxis & Hydrus.


All of the kids except Mensa were somewhat heirs. Technically Pyxis & Hydrus were the heirs, as they're the only two that had kids. They tackled university and passed with flying colors. Hydrus met a stunning vampire named Drusilla at uni, and Pyxis met her future husband, Connor, right after moving out.
Hydrus + Drusilla engineered Irynia, and Pyxis + Connor had Alexius.
None of them ever got to achieve their LTWs (even though I really wanted to play them some more) as my game completely stopped working and I decided to just carry over Iryn and Alex to TS4.

And that's the Clox legacy for you.
See you guys in TS4~